American Veteran Catastrophe

American Veteran CAT Recovery
American Veteran Catastrophe Recovery is disabled veteran owned and the company's goal is to level the playing field between ALL veterans (and their families) of the United States Armed Forces and their insurance carriers after a CATASTROPHE (whether natural or man made) or any insurable loss. AVCR will ensure eligible veterans receive every penny they are entitled to under the terms of their contract with their respective insurance carriers.
Every AVCR claims adjuster is committed to documenting and substantiating every detail of your claim, working on your behalf with your insurance company; keeping you informed every step of the way, and ensuring you are fully indemnified.
You have served OUR country honorably, now it's OUR turn to serve you the only way we know how...with HONOR and DISTINCTION!

Robby Robinson is the founder of American Veteran CAT Recovery. Robby is a disabled veteran medically retired from the United States Army where he served as an Infantryman. Robby has been a licensed insurance claims adjuster for the last 13 years in the following states:
Oregon / Texas / Louisiana / Mississippi / Alabama / Florida
Robby is also a federal contractor via DHS / FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and can handle NFIP claims in all 50 states-
Robby is licensed to handle insurance claims on behalf of the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) to include the states of California / Oregon / Washington, and holds additional certifications to include the HAZWOPER40 (HAZMAT), 
HAZWOPER408 -(HAZMAT Supervisor) 
Mold Remediation
Wil has spent many years working with and alongside the following entities: the 15th MEU-SOC, Naval Intelligence, Marine Corps Recon, the POW/MIA issue, Naval Fire Support Association (USNFSA), and most recently (and currently), the DAV - Disabled Veterans of America.

Wil also has performed over 1,600 damage assessments on the most up-to date platforms whether XM8, MSB Integriclaim (I/C) , AND MS Office for customized application creation, in response to Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne, Katrina, Rita, and the Station Fires of Southern California.  

He also is conversationally fluent in French & Spanish; a little Danish & Korean as well.


Robby holds a Bachelor in Arts degree with a dual major in:
Emergency Management / Counter-Terrorism from American Military University School of Security and Global Studies

BS - University of Utah - Natural Resource Management & Mitigation

Triple Minor(s) - Geology, Meteorology, 
& Urban Planning