American Veteran Catastrophe

The American Veteran CAT Recovery Difference 
A promise to OUR nation's heroes
Most firms that advocates for the insured are Public Adjusters. We are NOT Public Adjusters, we are former  Independent Insurance Claims Adjusters with years of experience working on behalf of insurance carriers. From that experience, we are confident we can assist you with increasing your insurance claim sufficient to rebuild your home and/or business

Most Policy Holder Advocates want to represent the insured from the onset of the insurance claim and want the insured to believe their insurance carrier has an incentive to underpay or low-ball their claim.
At American Veteran CAT Recovery, we believe that the vast majority of insurance carriers have YOUR best interests in mind and are steadfast in working toward fully indemnifying your insured loss. With this mindset we at AVCR believe it is in YOUR best interests to work with your carrier for as long as possible toward a claim award sufficient to bring your home and/or business to a pre-event condition. If you are unable to come to an agreement with your insurance carrier and have reached a stalemate, it is OUR belief that is when we can be of the most assistance to you. 

Claims adjusters working for American Veteran CAT Recovery have years of experience. Most, if not all of that experience comes from working directly for insurance carriers. We know the ins and outs of the claims process, we know how the insurance carriers think and it is our sincere belief that we can assist you in moving forward with your life post-catastrophe by ensuring you receive the funds necessary to rebuild your home and/or business
A promise to OUR nation's heroes
American Veteran CAT Recovery was founded by a disabled veteran to SOLELY represent the interests of veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their families after a catastrophe to work WITH not AGAINST their respective insurance ensure they are fully indemnified. We are so confident that we can assist OUR veterans and work with their insurance carrier in receiving the funds necessary to rebuild their homes and/or businesses that:

  • We only get paid if we successfully increase the claim award. 
  • Our fees are a small percentage of any additional claim award. 
  • If we are unable to increase ANY claim award, we will NOT charge 
       our veterans a dime, PERIOD !! 
A Few, FACTUAL Testimonials, From New Orleans & Beyond
  • When my insurance paid me all of $18,600 for 12 rental properties, I was floored.  The professionalism and attention to detail on the part of Robby was second to none.  He treated each building as a separate incident, while XXXXXXXX wrote a carbon copy. Thank you so much!
Monsieur C. Baudot - New Orleans

  • I was impressed by the management and professionalism in the form of Robby and then Wil, in a follow-up.  They completely revolved around my schedule and made my wife and young children feel so at ease as if they weren't even there.  Class acts! Highly recommended.
L. Akhkashian, Esq. - La Canada, CA